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Importance of  L.I.F.E

The Life App Photonic Frequencies were designed to optimise the body’s cellular defence system in order to cope with invisible environmental irritants such as Electromagnetic fields (EMF & ELF)

Electro Sensitivity and the Immune System. There is currently no vaccine, to protect ourselves from Electro Magnetic sensitivity (EMF or ELF). We therefore need to consider ways to counter these environmental irritants. One option is to use natural frequencies, which harmonise our own natural electrical cellular systems. The LIFE app is designed to harmonise your own internal life systems. Use the LIFE app on water and pour this into a mist spray bottle. Lightly spray the LIFE app mist over yourself, even with your clothes on, to discover how much extra balance and energy you have.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) AND Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
Surround most of us much of the time. Scientists refer to them as invisible pollutants These invisible pollutants have become part of our everyday life, as they are often related to Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi, GPS and other electronic gadgets. New research is now suggesting that EMF & ELF can reduce our performance.

The L.I.F.E App misted water
helps to minimize the potential cellular impacts of Electro-Sensitivity
You will also notice a calming effect on your pets as well.

Amazing news!

From October 25 – 2021 on your renewal you can opt for a 1 year subscription and save $5 on your bill.